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Th Grade Summer Reading Program - Lake Mead Christian Academy He has no doubt that professional Christian workers will get many suggestions from the story of Mr. I would acknowledge the assistance of Miss Helen Cramp and the Rev. 39 CHAPTER V Playing the New Game The Individuality of the Man — His Marriage — Mrs. — The Parent of Crimes — The Economic Side — Tragedies Born of Drink — More Economics — The American Mongoose — The Saloon a Coward — God's Worst Enemy — What Will a Dollar Buy? "— "Real Manhood"— "Hot-cakes Off the Griddle" — Comment of Old Penn — Opinions of Students — Comment of Relious Press 343 CHAPTER XXVIII The Christian's Daily Helper "The Holy Spirit" — No Universal Salvation — Happiest Nation on Earth — Ambassadors of God — Holy Spirit a Person — The Last Dispensation — "Little Things" — The Fame of a Christian 359 CONTENTS 13 CHAPTER XXIX A Victorious Sermon page Conquests by the Sermon on "The Unpardonable Sin" — What It Is — Resisting the Truth — "Too Late"— Representative of the Trinity— Death-bed Confessions — A Forgiving God — Power of Revivals 370 CHAPTER XXX Eternity! " 424 CHAPTER I One of God's Tools I want to be a giant for God. John the Baptist was God's laugh at the rabbis and the Pharisees. Complete the Hatchet Summer Reading Book Report Form in addition, to one of the. Billy Sunday Runner for the. Lord. Elaine Cunningham. Biography.

Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord a Beka Book Reading Program. Born into poverty, Sunday spent some years in an orphanage before taking a series of odd jobs in several small Iowa towns as he demonstrated his prowess in amateur atetics. Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord A Beka Book reading program. Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord A Beka Book reading program A Beka Book reading program

Elmer Gantry - Barnes & Noble AUTHOR OF "MEN AND MISSIONS" A«tl|nrtzpb l Ebltl Philadelphia THE JOHN C. Ernest Bawden in collating and preparing for pub Hcation Mr. — The Gin Mill— A Chance for ]\Ian- hood — Personal Liberty — The Moderate Drinker — What Booze Does to the System 80 CONTENTS 9 CHAPTER X "Give Attendance to Reading" p^oj, Sunday's Reverence for ''Book Learning" — No Claim to Orinality — Some Sources of His Sermons — God's Token of Love— The Sinking Ship— "What If It Had Been My Boy? In an over-ecclesiastical age, when churcy authority had reached the limit, a poor monk, child of a miner's hut, without influence or favor, was ed to break the power of the popes, and to make empires and reshape history, flinging his shadow far down the centuries. While the brains and aristocracy and professional statesmanship of America struggled in vain with the nation's greatest crisis, God reached down close to the soil of the raw and nored Middle West, and picked up a gaunt and un- tutored specimen of the common people — a man who reeked of the earth until the earth closed over him — and so saved the Union and freed a race, through ungainly Abraham Lincoln. Christian, the memory of a 1917 visit to a Billy Sunday show, and the galvanic. paying my compliments to the Methodist cardinals, the Lord's Day Alliance. He had, in fact, got everything from the church and Sunday School, except. She is a contributor to The New York Times Book Review, The New.

Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord - Essay - Billy Sunday (his real name; in full, William Asey Sunday) (1862-1935) was, during his heyday—rougy 1910-20—the most famous evangelist in America. Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord. dates and events in the life of Billy Sunday from the ballpark to the pulpit a book of 108 pages. Billy Sunday. Report this.

Mom Says She No Longer Wants To Raise Her The renowned preacher and temperance crusader found the Lord while playing for the Chicago White Stockings in the 1880s. Watch Mom Says She No Longer Wants To Raise Her 13-Year-Old Daughter on See full shows episodes and clips of your favorite shows and celebrities.

Article Title Evangelist Billy Sunday's Clean-up Campan in. Over a hundred million people heard Sunday in person, and by his account he converted a million of them. Article Summary Some people criticized Sunday's flamboyance, but his tabernacle meetings attracted hundreds of. Marshalltown, Iowa, and his ability as a base runner helped his team. and "the Lord gave him his money.

Lord Sunday sur Amazon - Commandez Lord Sunday sur Amazon. When a young man comes to Bunker Hill ravaged by a drug-resistant strain of HIV, James attempts a radical anti-viral treatment.

Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord A Beka Book reading. He was an exciting player, speedy and daring on the base paths and acrobatic in the outfield. Buy Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord. This beautifully illustrated biographical novel is perfect for a 6th grade book report. Read more. NO_CONTENT_IN.

Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord - Elaine Cunningham. Also, Walter must work quickly when his daughter's best friend contracts a fatal flesh-eating bacteria, and James makes a connection with Louis Keating's nurse. Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord. Billy Sunday Runner for the Lord A Beka book reading. Service - Blog - Information for Publishers - Report an issue - Help.

Book Report on "Billy Sunday" by Kim Dahnke on Prezi In the days before radio, Billy Sunday was the most successful evangelist America had ever known. Due to class on February 22. "Billy Sunday Runner of the Lord" is a very good book.

Bridget Jones's Baby book review - it's funnier than the film Daily. In his revival meetings hundreds of thousands of people accepted his invitation to come forward and "hit the sawdust trail" (publicly declare their commitment to Christ). The Bridget Jones's Baby book isn't a classic like its predecessors but. By Liz Jones for The Mail on Sunday. It's all really, really confusing, but – thank the Lord and all his. Billie Faiers shows off her burgeoning bump in a white bardot. Ex-Australian Idol runner up Shannon Noll mocked in typical 'true.

Billy Sunday Elaine Cunningham - MYERS CAUTION The entire contents of this book are protected by the stringent new copyrht law, and all persons are warned not to attempt to reproduce the text, in whole or in part, or any of the illustrations. The author's hope is that those of us who are just plain ''folks" will find the book interesting and helpful. Clark and the Pacific Garden Mission — Sunday's Own Story of his Conversion — Winning the Game of Life ... Chap- man's Return to Philadelphia — to Garner, Iowa —"This is the Lord's Doings" 57 CHAPTER VII Campaning for Christ Splendid Organization of a Sunday Campan — Church Co- operation — The Power of Christian Publicity — District Prayer Meetings — Sunday's Army of Workers — The Sunday Tabernacle — The Evangelist's Own Compensa- tion — Personnel of the Sunday Party CI CHAPTER VIII "Speech — Seasoned with Salt" Vivid Language of the Common People — "Rubbing the Fur the Wrong Way" — "Delivering the Goods" — Shak- ings from the Sunday Salt-cellar 69 CHAPTER IX Battling with Booze An Effective Foe of the Liquor Business — "Dry" Victories Following Sunday Campans — "De Brewer's B Hosses" — The Famous "Booze" Sermon — Interest in Manhood — Does the Saloon Help Business? D.— The "Garage Bible Class" — Making Relion a Subject of Ordinary Con- versation — Lasting Results — A Life Story 167 CHAPTER XV Giving the Devil His Due Sunday's Sense of the Reality of the Devil — Excoriation of the Devil — "Devil" Passages from Sermons 182 CHAPTER XVI Critics and Criticism Storm of Criticism a Tribute — Preaching "Christ Crucified" — Recognition from Secretary Bryan — Pilgrimage of Philadelphia Clergj'men — Heaven's Messenger — Plain Speech from Sunday Himself 188 CHAPTER XVII A Clean Man on Social Sins Clean-mindedness of the Man — A Plain Talk to Men — Christian Character — Common Sense — No Excuse for Swearing — Family Skeletons — Nursing Bad Habits — The Leprosy of Sin — "But the Lord Looketh on the Heart"— The Joy of Rehgion — A Plain Talk to Womcm — Hospitality — IMatc^nity Out of Fashion — The Girl Who Flirts— The Task of Womanhood 202 CONTENTS 11 CHAPTER XVIII "Help Those Women" p^ge Sunday's Honor of Womanhood — The Sermon on "Mother" — A Mother's Watchfulness — A Mother's Bravery — Good Mothers Needed— God's Hall of Fame— A Moth- er's Song — A Mother's Love — A Mother's Responsi- bility—Mothers of Great Men 231 CHAPTER XIX Standing on the Rock The Old-Fashioned Loyalty of the Evangelist to the Bible- Some of His Utterances on the Bible 249 CHAPTER XX Making a Joyful Noise No Gloom in a Sunday Revival — The Value of a Laugh — The Value of Music— The Tabernacle Music— The Cam- pan Choirs — A Revival of Song 261 CHAPTER XXI The Prophet and His Own Time The Evangelist's Arramnent of the Sins of Today — His Treatment of the Church and Society 267 CHAPTER XXII Those Billy Sunday Prayers Unconventionality of the Prayers — Specimen Prayers — "Teach Us to Pray "— Learning of Christ- — ^ Pride Hinders Prayer — Praying in Secret — Praying in Humility —Men of Prayer 271 CHAPTER XXIII The Revival on Trial The Sea of Faces — Laboratory Tests — "The Need of Revivals" — What a Revival Does — Revival Demands Sacrifice — Persecution a Godsend 288 12 CONTENTS CHAPTER XXIV An Army With Banners page Unique Plans for Reaching the Masses of the People — Visit- ing Delegations — Parade at Close of Campan — "Spiritual Power" — Derelicts in the Church — The Meaning of Power — Church Needs Great Awakening — Lost Power 299 CHAPTER XXV A Life Enlistment Some Notable Instances of the Lasting Results of Sunday Revivals — "Gospel Teams" — Sermon on " Sharp-Shoot- ers"— The Value of Personal Work— "My Father's Business "::— Feeding the Spiritual Life — The Dnity of Personal Work — Five Classes of People 311 CHAPTER XXVI "A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ" Astounding Number of Conversions — Statistics of Cam- pans in Various Cities — Sunday's "Consecration" Sermon — God's Mercies — The Living Sacrifice — A Glass of Champagne — Denymg One's Self ■ — Thinking for God— What God Asks 326 CHAPTER XXVII A Wonderful Day at a Great University Visit to University of Pennsylvania — "What Shall I Do With Jesus? "— Men Believe in God— At the Cross — The Judgment of God — Glad Tidings to All — The Atonement of Christ — God's Word — Eternity and Space — God's Infinite Love — Preparing for Eternity — A Leap in the Dark— "The End Thereof" 383 CHAPTER XXXI Our Long Home "Heaven"— "I, Too, Must Die" — No Substitute for Re- lion — Morality Not Enough — The Way of Salvation — Rewards of Merit — A Place of Noble People — "A Place for You"— The Missing 404 CHAPTER XXXII Glorying in the Cross "Atonement" — Suffering for the Guilty — Jesus' Atoning Blood — No Argument Against Sin — "There is Sin" — "How Long, God? After the consensus of experience and sagacity has settled upon a certain course and type, lo, all the profundity of the sages is blown away as a speck of dust and we have, say, a shockingly unconventional John the Baptist, who does not follow the prescribed rules in dress, training, methods or message. This biography will give students a detailed look at the life of Billy Sunday. A great evangelist, this. This is an A Beka Book Reading/Book report book for grade 6.

Billy sunday and the masculinization of american protestantism He was known for his daring base-running and dramatic outfield play, but he was only an average hitter. McLougin Jr. wrote a book ed, Billy Sunday Was His Real Name. Written twenty. runner.” A modern sportswriter described him as One of nineteenth-century baseball‟s most swashbuckling characters. The. King‟s. Lord Jesus as his Saviour in Chicago, while he was still playing ball with the Chicago team.

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