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Spermatogenesis thesis

Biology bachelor thesis - Utrecht University Repository The aim of the experiments described in this thesis was to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship, in molecular terms, between hormones and the development of male germinal cells in rats. Regulation of spermatogenesis by estrogen in zebrafish. Biology bachelor thesis. Source Lynn Ketchum. Jessie Poelsma. Supervisors Luiz Henrique de Castro.

RePub, Erasmus University Repository Content Updated: 20th August 2014 CONTENTS: -- Taxonomy -- Size -- Weht -- Colour -- Distribution and Population -- Longevity -- Sexing -- Activity -- Nests and Refugia -- Territory and Home Range -- Predators -- Food and Feeding -- Senses -- Vision -- Hearing -- Smell and Touch -- Breeding Biology -- Behaviour and Social Structure -- Interaction with Humans -- Damage To Forestry -- Decline In Native Wildlife -- Questions and Answers In the UK we have the dubious honour of playing host to two species of squirrel; I say dubious because one species is widely considered to be causing problems for the other. Hormones and the control of biochemical processes in spermatogenesis. The aim of the experiments described in this thesis was to contribute to a better.

HKU Scholars Hub A study on the role of This suggests that SPE-16 affects sperm development and movement by controlling ubiquitination of one or more substrate proteins. So, K. 蘇錦熙. 2011. A study on the role of temperature repressed sequence 4 Trs4 in spermatogenesis. Thesis. University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong SAR.

View In this introduction we will discuss some important aspects of spermatogenesis, the hormonal control of spermatogenesis, and the aim and scope of the present thesis. PPP1CC2, IN SUPPORTING SPERMATOGENESIS AND SPERM FUNCTION. A thesis submitted. normal spermatogenesis, sperm function and fertility rates.

The effect of two environmental pollutants on the spermatogenesis. Here we examine the feasibility of transplanting spermatogonial stem cells from other species to the mouse seminiferous tubule to generate spermatogenesis. The work in this thesis was carried out at the Department of Production Animal. bisphenol A BPA, on the spermatogenesis and androgen production in.

Marmoset spermatogenesis organizational similarities to the human. Protein ubiquitination is used to tag proteins for removal from cells and also to direct their trafficking within the cell. Int J Androl. 2000 Oct;235266-77. Marmoset spermatogenesis organizational similarities to the human. Millar MR1, Sharpe RM, Weinbauer GF, Fraser HM.

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